DP's WiredScore Accredited Professionals among the first in Singapore

Published on 12 May 2022

DP Architects and its group of companies (DP) is proud to announce its five WiredScore and SmartScore Accredited Professionals (APs): Chan Hui Min, DPA director; Yong Siew Onn, director of DP Sustainable Design (DPSD); Adelina Jaya, associate director of DPSD; and Amirah Asilah and Helen Yan, senior associates at DPSD. They are among the first 13 in Singapore to attain the accreditation.

From left: Chan Hui Min, DPA director; Yong Siew Onn, director of DPSD; Adelina Jaya, associate director of DPSD; and Amirah Asilah and Helen Yan, senior associates of DPSD. 

 With an underlying philosophy in sustainability and wellbeing, the perimeters of WiredScore and SmartScore accreditation closely aligns with DP’s own Green-Well-Tech design ethos. This trifecta of green, well and tech, synergized within DP’s unique design matrix of Attributes of Purposeful Design, enables the firm to prioritise human-centric, environmentally-sound and technologically-integrated buildings for end-user wellbeing and health as well as increased asset value in leasing and branding for landlords. 

“WiredScore and SmartScore are globally recognized benchmarks for the assessment and accreditation of building performance in terms of digital connectivity and smart technology. Acquiring these complementary and highly specialized capabilities will enhance our architectural, engineering and sustainable design capacities, and advance our Green-Well-Tech agenda towards a more sustainable future.”

Seah Chee Huang, CEO of DP Architects (DPA)

The accreditation complements DP’s existing suite of multidisciplinary offerings and elevates the firm’s ability to deliver smart developments that thoughtfully intertwines the twin demands of building sustainability and user wellbeing. Certified professionals are equipped to assess, recommend and implement practical decisions for smart building design and infrastructure planning at concept stage.

“The adoption of best-in-class digital infrastructure will deliver better connectivity and performance of a building, which leads to a more delightful the end-user experience, the greater the demand and the higher the value of the property. With and through the global metric set by WiredScore and SmartScore, we can establish a high standard in smart building foundation and future-proof building assets while integrating wellbeing design strategies; thereby delivering the best long-term investment value for our clients.”

shares Er Yong Siew Onn as he explains how this accreditation for buildings translates into investment value for developers and operators. 

The WiredScore accreditation is intended to benchmark and analyse the digital connectivity aspect of any given building. Applicable to both old and new buildings, the parameters decide at minimum, how conducive a building’s layout is to carry signals across its structure to meet the majority of its tenants’ technological demands. A Platinum WiredScore certification attests to exceptional standards in the building’s design and infrastructure to provide reliable high-speed internet connectivity to tenants, service outages, adapt to future technologies within its premises, among other qualities.
Similarly, the SmartScore accreditation highlights buildings that demonstrate a high degree of sensitivity to principles of sustainability and user-wellbeing. SmartScore’s user-focused benchmarks such as temperature, circulation routes, air quality and community satisfaction, set an international standard and generate focus for subtle and oft-neglected aspects of building design; thereby, driving a conscious effort within the built environment industry to balance the needs of the user and the needs imposed by a building’s typology.
The attainment of these two credentials enables DP’s newly awarded APs to be more cognizant of better design implementation involving digital connectivity technologies and wellbeing principles. The greater awareness and deeper incorporation of sustainability, wellbeing and technological principles into projects will enhance longevity of use, aesthetics, and end-user satisfaction, generating improved tangible and intangible asset value for stakeholders.
Considered within the broader context of Singapore’s built environment industry, acquiring these two accreditations testifies to DP’s proactive commitment to advancing its internal standards and design philosophies, particularly in the critical growth areas of sustainability and technology. Furthermore, it demonstrates DP’s pursuit of environmentally sustainable design, advancing in parallel with Singapore’s acknowledgement of the climate emergency.

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