Poly Liuzhou International Center

A Celebration of Local Topography

Poly Liuzhou International Centre is a 130,000sqm mixed development located at Baisha Road, Liuzhou in Guangxi, China. The province forms part of a large geological formation generally known as the South China Karst, characterised by the dissolution of soluble bedrock, resulting in some of the most stunning landscapes. There are at least six parks formed out of the Karst landscape within the city, consisting of beautiful isolated peaks and river terraces. Drawing inspiration from this stunning geological formation, the design inserts elements of the ‘weathering’ of the landform into this urban complex. As with how sun, wind and rain made their impressions on the Karst landscape, the architectural form is envisioned to resemble this carving albeit by urban forces.

Tanzhong Middle Rd, Liubei Qu, Liuzhou Shi, Guangxi Zhuangzuzizhiqu, China, 545000
Category Office | Retail | Hospitality | Mixed Use
Year 2018
Size 131,200sqm
The shopping street is conceptualised as an extension of the city park. The park is worked into the rhythm of open spaces which include the mall’s entrance plaza and main atrium, serving as an important node in the larger circulation design.
Topping the entire urban complex is a 250m tower consisting offices and hotel.
Drawing inspiration from Karst geological formation, intentional ‘cuts’ at 45 degrees enlarge display frontages, and carefully placed ‘crevices’ enhance pedestrian circulation.
The tower block is chamfered and cut in response to the different spatial and functional requirements.

Topping the entire complex is a 250m tower consisting of offices and hotel. The tower’s square plan is angled at 45 degrees to avoid direct frontage with the residential towers on the north, at the same time maximising the river view on the east and increasing south-facing frontages. The tower block is chamfered and cut in response to the different spatial and functional requirements, including a pitched skylight for recreational facilities and sky-gardens at the hotel section.

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2022 Global Habitat Design Award (Gold)
Poly Liuzhou International Center
2021 Rethinking The Future Awards 2021, Mixed Use (Built), Second Award
Poly Liuzhou International Center
2021 Winner, World Design Awards 2021
Liuzhou Poly International Center

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