Raffles Girls Secondary School

The objective of the new Raffles Girls Secondary School (RGSS) campus is to set a new benchmark for modern learning and teaching. It does so by creating a green campus with student-focused facilities and versatile learning spaces. Guided by the vision of being an institution that nurtures ‘Creators of a Better Age’, the design encompasses the ideas of community-centredness; women as leaders; talent development and ‘glocalisation’.

2 Braddell Rise, Singapore 318871
Category Institutional
Year 2020
Size 43,600sqm

The design is guided by three key aspects: time, movement and space. In line with the concept of time, the campus design is future-ready to fit the activities and new innovations of technologies.

In terms of movement, the campus is envisioned to be a constantly activity-generating place by the students, teachers, visitors and the community with a planning strategy based on three main rings. The Inner Ring contains the amphitheatre and student zone to symbolise the Student-Focused campus. The Central Ring is the circulation spine where the staff zone is located to position the teaching faculty within the proximity of the campus. The Outer Ring hosts the library, performance art centre, multi-purpose hall, sports hall, the field and the linear park along the canal and offers direct access to these areas without entering the private zone of the campus.

And finally, in terms of space, the campus offers sufficient and engaging areas to adopt the evolving learning and teaching methodologies. The objective of the spatial design is to encourage the provision of various scales of space to accommodate the different facilities and activities.

The various spatial experiences are strategically designed for both self and group learning within the campus and are designed to encourage learning and development at any time and place. Thus, the idea of flexibility is not just to provide convertible spaces by means of structures, walls or furniture but by the thinking and collaboration initiated by the students or teachers at any time with spaces that are always ready to be used.


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